Solid & Hazardous Waste Management

Waste has had many definitions across the globe and through various phases of socio-economic development. ENVISAP understands waste as a misplaced resource which has lost its significance in moving through the consumption cycle. The essence of understanding waste lies in understanding of usage of a material in case it is not mixed with others and declared as waste. All the materials whether of organic nature or otherwise have a certain embodied energy associated in the form of effort put in to provide it to end user from the point of availability or generation or production when we waste such a material after our purpose with it is over, we waste along all the effort put in to prepare that product.

A paradigm shift is required in understanding usage of a material and respecting its chances of being reused. ENVISAP bring this angle in the picture. When taking about waste management our focus is to minimize wastage through constant education and awareness generation. Our various solutions depend on segregated collection of waste either at source of near it from well-trained manpower. Our vehicles and equipment designs depend on specific requirement of the area of interest. Vehicle movements, route plans and points of waste storage are decided after due diligence and are Information Technology dependent. Our experience base of waste processing enables us converge and decide upon suitable processing technology with minimum handling, energy requirement and manpower requirement. Waste types are handled separately and thus, their treatment and handling systems are designed differently.

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