Environmental Impact Assessment & Planning

Environment is an aspect which cannot be kept separate from any form of development because any development is accompanied by environmental disruption in some form or the other. Thus, it is imperative to keep in mind what measures are required to be taken to keep the disturbance to a minimum and what measures are to be taken post development in order to mitigate the negative impact that is caused by development.

ENVISAP is equipped with an experienced team of EIA experts in all the fields of infrastructure development and is dedicated towards providing you in-depth impact assessment analysis. We also assist in attaining various certifications, approvals and responses in projects with critical environmental angle. Our team also specialized in planning the infrastructure development in accordance with project tenure and changes in land use, demography of the area during project tenure and offer solutions accordingly. ENVISAP is determined to support infrastructure development with a strong environmental base which also proves to be beneficial for projects in the longer run.

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