Industrial Waste Management

Industries symbolize development with respect to economy and play a major role in upliftment of the society. They are an inherent part of infrastructure development and contribute majorly to a country’s gross domestic product (GDP). They also produce certain unwanted by-products in the form of solid waste and waste water. This solid and liquid wastes, if not treated or recycled, are added to environment and pose major pollution load. On one hand solid waste from industries, which consists of mostly hazardous waste, reaches landfills and on other hand spent waste water is released to water bodies.

It is imperative to stop this ill practise and ENVISAP is dedicated in assisting to check this violation, knowingly or unknowingly. We specialize in providing in-house water treatment solutions to industries and commercial establishments depending on the type of waste water generated and can help one attain zero water discharge establishment in due course. Similarly, we can assist you in forwarding your solid waste and other hazardous waste to authorized recyclers and waste handlers and thus, help you attain clean establishment status. We partner with major authorized recyclers across the nation and assure you that the materials wasted by you shall not meet ill fate.

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